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Taking the Spooky Feeling Out of Foreclosures

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Buying a Foreclosure isn’t as Risky as You May Think, with the Proper Know-How

Last week, when Amanda Kostina laid out her 10 Hidden Hazards When Buying Foreclosure, it hit close to home. My husband and I relocated to Florida in the midst of the credit crunch, and what awaited me in my new home state was a depressed real estate market. Even though foreclosures had always been part of my repertoire, nothing could prepare me for the crash course I was about to get in the owned-asset market.

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About Joan Erni

Joan Erni, CRP, GMS is the Director of Business Development for Michael Saunders and Company in Sarasota, FL. In her role Joan oversees three divisions: Relocation and Referral Services, Internet Leads and Customer Service, and Residential Asset Management. Joan has earned the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP™) and Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) designations from Worldwide ERC. Over her career Joan has held many positions; Outgoing Coordinator, Incoming Coordinator, Corporate Property Manager, REO Manager, Relocation Director and Vice President of Relocation. Joan brings this experience and broad understanding of all phases of real estate and relocation business to her current position, making her an effective, hands-on manager, who contributes to the success of her division and by extension the company she works for. Joan’s love for the industry, and enthusiastic support of the referral endeavor, makes her a happy and willing mentor to those new to the field. Joan participates as a Mentor in the Leading Companies of the World formalized Mentor Program. You can follow her on Twitter @JoanMarieErni

One Response to “Taking the Spooky Feeling Out of Foreclosures”

  1. Stephen in Orlando February 17, 2014 at 1:15 am #

    Really interesting post and thanks for taking the time to share it. Foreclosures always seem to be a hot topic in the Florida real estate market, and even though things have certainly been improving over the last year, we recently saw a report of a significant jump in foreclosure filings in the Orlando Metro area. Although, things are expected to continue their positive trend, I feel this is certainly worth noting.

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